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About us

Kirk at the golf course

Hi, I'm Kirk Bowers. I'm the creator and sole software developer of GolfCap. Together with my wife, Kara Metlen, who helps me with the artwork, we are (or were, actually) Frabjous Apps.

As you can probably guess from the picture, I like to play golf. It's an addiction. You can relate. I'm not a great golfer (according to GolfCap, I'm a 17 handicap), but I try to get out as often as I can. Sadly, I don't play often enough to warrant paying to belong to a fully sanctioned golf club for an official handicap, but I do play often enough that I'm curious what my handicap index would be and I like to see how I'm progressing over time. So I wrote GolfCap, at first just for my own personal use, but then I thought it was handy enough to share with the world. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Incidentally, we also make video games for the iPhone, iPad and Android. I was a video game junkie in the 80's and always wanted to publish my own games (that's why I studied computer science in the first place). Mobile devices are a great venue for that 80's coin-op style of game that I'm nostalgic for, so our games pay homage to that era while adding a few modern upgrades.


Quintgel is our tribute to the classic falling puzzle piece games but with some new features and the difficulty cranked up for fresh challenge.

Space Carom

Space Carom is a tilt-driven, physics based smash-em-up in outer space that plays a little like billiards in zero gravity (that is, if you used spaceships and moonlets as billiard balls).

If you like GolfCap, we hope you'll check out our games as well.


In loving memory of Kona the Beagle.